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    SES installation Help..!!!!


      This is the first time I am trying to install SES, the version is 10.1.2. I have installed other components like portal, SSO, wireless and upgraded them to support Oracle Apps 12R in my env. I have few queries which i need help on:

      1. Is it compulsary that I have to install edge server on home oc4j only? If not how can i go about installing SES on a new OC4j say edge_oc4j? Can I deploy edge.ear directly?
      2. How can I access edge server console? If i give /edge it gives back HTTP 403 error

      I am just getting 10.1.3 manuals..please guide me to 10.1.2

      PLEASE HELP..!!!!! I AM STUCK WITH IT ..!!

      Thanks in advance