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    Information on Receiving Routing types

      Hello all,

      I am working on Purchase order receipts and internal requisitions receipt.

      There is a field named 'Routing Receipt type' at the PO Line level. (Its there at several levels like Organization, Item, PO level)

      It is 3 Types

      1. Standard Receipt
      supplier ----------> sub inventory

      2. Direct delivery
      supplier---->recieving area(stagging area)------>sub inventory

      3. Inspection Required
      supplier----> recieving area------->inspection(done)---->sub inventory.

      but if we create receipt for Standard , Inspection types -- its creating 1 transaction with DELIVER line in rcv_transactions table And onhand quantity is not incrementing.

      If we create receipt for Direct delivery -- its creating 2 trxs with DELIVER and RECEIVE lines in rcv_transactions table and onhand qty is incrementing.

      Can you tell me when the Inv qty wil be incremented for Standard, Inspection Routing types. Do we need to run any other programs or anything to do inorder to increment th inv qty.

      Thanks inadvance,
      Amarnadh js
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          Niels LM.
          Hi Amarnadh,

          I think you have the options a bit jumbled, so I have changed to what is the functionality depending on routing option. I have put in the the source or location and in ( ) the operation that is moving the goods. Once the DELIVER bit is executed the Inv wty is increased. DELIVER is done manually with the routing options Standard, Inspection Required.

          1. Standard Receipt
          supplier (Receipt) receiving area (Deliver) sub inventory

          2. Direct delivery
          supplier (Receipt and Deliver) sub inventory

          3. Inspection Required
          supplier (Receipt) to be inspected (inspection) Inspected/Receiving Area (Deliver) sub inventory.

          /Niels LM