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    To View Spawned Concurrent Program Source Code

      On viewing the Concurrent Program Executable for one of the Oracle Reports I have found that it had an Execution Method of Spawned.

      I've located the executable but I am interested in finding the source code file for the same.

      I was not able to find the source code file.Can someone please tell me what would be the location for Spawned program files?

      And good decompiler which would give me the source code for the executable..

      Awaiting Reply

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          The executables themselves are stored in the PRODUCT_TOP/bin directory eg $GL_TOP/bin

          You can see which source code files make up each executable by using adident eg ' adident Header GLAMAS'

          This will give information like this :
          $Header glamai.opc 115.17.115103.1 2005/02/21 06:09:20 appldev ship $
          $Header glacab.lpc 115.0.115103.1 2005/02/21 06:09:18 appldev ship $
          etc etc

          It is Oracle's policy NOT to ship this source code so you cannot see it in the way you wish but you can see the equivalent object files in the PRODUCT_TOP/lib directory eg $GL_TOP/lib.

          To make sense of these object files you would have to use a decompiler. Alternatively you may be able to get the information you want in another way eg turning on sqltrace will show the sql code run by the program and some concurrent programs have profile options which if set to 'yes' provide extra debugging information in the concurrent program log file which may also be of use to you.
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            Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

            Please see the following documents for enabling trace.

            Note: 761812.1 - How Can The Spawned Steps of a Concurrent Program be Seen?
            Note: 296559.1 - FAQ: Common Tracing Techniques within the Oracle Applications 11i/R12

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              For spawned concurrent executables, you may be only be able to get onto the executable. Oracle does not ship the source code files for these executables.