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        No matter, the principal is that work.

        Did you connect to BIP after the installation to find the differences between your old parameters and the parameters after a complete installation ?

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          Yes, I made note of the parameters. -J
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            I am also facing the problem when i am login to bipublisher
            'The server can not be used due to a configuration error, please contact the administrator. If you are the administrator, please consult BI Publisher user guide for proper configuration'

            With 'error detail' reading: oracle.apps.xdo.security.ValidateException

            my rpd password is SADMIN and bi publisher password is SADMIN

            I configured the ibots its working fine. here is my xmlp-server-config.xml file

            +<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>+
            +<xmlpConfig xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oxp/xmlp">+
            +<property name="SAW_SERVER" value="RSPHLWINT01"/>+
            +<property name="SAW_SESSION_TIMEOUT" value="90"/>+
            +<property name="DEBUG_LEVEL" value="exception"/>+
            +<property name="SAW_PORT" value="9704"/>+
            +<property name="SAW_PASSWORD" value="Administrator"/>+
            +<property name="SAW_PROTOCOL" value="http"/>+
            +<property name="SAW_VERSION" value="v4"/>+
            +<property name="SAW_USERNAME" value="Administrator"/>+
            +<property name="SAW_URL_SUFFIX" value="analytics/saw.dll"/>+
            +<property name="SECURITY_MODEL" value="BI_SERVER"/>+
            +<property name="BI_SERVER_SECURITY_DRIVER" value="oracle.bi.jdbc.AnaJdbcDriver"/>+
            +<property name="BI_SERVER_SECURITY_URL" value="jdbc:oraclebi://server:9703/"/>+
            +<property name="BI_SERVER_SECURITY_ADMIN_USERNAME" value="administrator"/>+
            +<property name="BI_SERVER_SECURITY_ADMIN_PASSWORD" value="administrator"/>+

            i run the cryptotools also here is my credentialstore.xml file
            +<sawcs:credential type="usernamePassword" alias="bipublisheradmin">+

            Please help me.....
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              I have also encountered same problem with OBIEE (including BI Publisher) : same message error and same exception displayed.
              My BI Publisher security model was BI Server (As I understood replies here, this means authentication's handled by BI Server).
              I have followed step by sted resolution described in replies here and also in link provided (http://oraclebizint.wordpress.com).
              And result was....
              Same message error, same exception. Well, maybe I did not understood all english sentences :-o

              Now I have resolved my problem and understood some of OBIEE/XMLP security concept explained here (like Impersonation for example).
              Steps I followed were :

              1-/ Log into BI Publisher as Administrator using my actual login and password (lets say Administrator/First_Password for example).
              2-/ Optional but useful if something turns wrong : In Admin Tab / Security Configuration : Enable Local Superuser.
              3-/ In Admin Tab / Security Configuration : Choose Oracle BI Server as Security Model
              4-/ For this security model I have to provide one BI Server username and password. BI Publisher will use this user to authenticate to BI Server. So I provide Administrator as username and the new password as password and then apply these modifications (lets say Administrator/My_New_Password for example).
              5-/ Then I log into OBIEE Administration Tool and change Administrator actual password to my new one and apply modifications by saving (My_New_Password).
              6-/ As people say, I should now restart BI Publisher and everything will work right (and run cryptotools if I have also change my BI Publisher Administrator user which is different from BI Server Administrator user. They have same username but first one is used when security model is BI Publisher and second one is used when security model is BI Server).
              7-/ So this is what will happen after restarting BI Publisher and trying to log into BI Publisher with BI Server Administrator username with new password :
              - First case : the new password only contains alpha-numeric characters (this means [Aa-Zz] and [0-9] characters) : AUTHENTICATION WORK FINE !!!
              - Second case : the new password contains special characters (for my case it was the * character. But same behaviour with & caracter) : I get the same message error and the same exception (AUTHENTICATION FAILED).

              Well I just tryed to fit in firt case for my password and everything worked right.
              Some remarks :
              - Using anothers BI Server username work fine when password only contains one special character :-o
              - Do not forget to also update password for integration with obiee presentation service.
              - If I wanted to have the same password value for both BI Server Administrator username and BI Publisher Administrator username : I should have updated BI Publisher Administrator username password by switching first to BI Publisher Security model to be able to update password using Preference/Account in BI Publisher and the switch back to BI Server Security model to provide BI Server Administrator username and password infos (also run cryptotools to provide to Presentation Service the password value of BI Publisher Administrator username. Not the BI Server one. Hopefully they are the same in this case).

              What I will finally choose :
              - Create a BI Server username with the same roles than BI Server Administrator username (or account if you prefer...).
              - Then use this username as BI Server Administrator username in BI Publisher Security configuration (also for integration with Presentation service).

              PS : I was really disappointed by metalink, It was useless for me with this problem :(
              But I thanks Oracle that there was the BI Publisher Local Superuser :)
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                I got the same erorr today! I have looked for google all day,but can not get the perfect answer.
                We need a superman!haha!

                I f not , I will re-install my oracle biee ,too!
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