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    Oracle Smart space Administration Utility

      I am in the process of configuring Oracle Smart Space Client URL using Oracle Smart Space Administration Utility.

      I am not able to connect Oracle Smart Space Administration Utility using JaneDoe user.

      This is fresh installation of EPMA on Linux x86.

      I am getting the following error

      "Error access to AdministrationWebservice (Can't authenticate user)"

      please help..
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          Hackey Weinberger
          This typically means there is a problem authenticating against the back-end security service which in this case is Hyperion Shared Service.

          First, verify that JaneDoe can succesfully login to workspace from a web browser.

          There are two files which control the authentication for Smart Space and they are located in the following directory:

          Please e-mail a copy of webservice.properties and css.properties to hackey.weinberger@oracle.com

          We'll take a look at these and then get back to you.


          Hackey Weinberger
          Smart Space Product Manager