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    Urgent : Discount in Standard Purchase Order

      Hello Experts,

      Hope you are doing well.

      Currently my client is using version. Well in Standard Purchase Order whether it is possible to give discount and if yes where we can give.

      Thanks & Regards
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          Niels LM.
          Hi Aditya,

          Line price in Standard Purchase are always net price. If you have agreements then you can specify prices based on price breaks and discounts or you can leverage Advanced Pricing for more complex logic. But still the resulting price on the standard PO is only net price with no option to specify or track a discount.

          /Niels LM
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            We are using 12.0.6
            we had the same issue and wanted a work around as it wasnt possible
            What we did was open a des flexfeild on PO header for discount

            The buyer can enter the discount in tht flexfeild whwn making the PO

            There has to be a customized Print purchase order report with a view that has a formula of deducting the amount in that discount descriptive flexfeild from the PO price..as we cannot use the seeded report

            You see this is just a workaround and not a proper way..In the end, it depends on you if you want to go this way..We just use it for ease

            In Actual, Discounts are handled by Account department