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    R12:How to get the XML/RTF format of XSL-FO PO Template to add few fields ?

      We need to get the XML file of standard XSL-FO PO template to add few fields which is not part of the template. We have the RTF template
      (Purchase_Order_1.rtf) and client likes that format. But we don't have the
      Payitem structure printed in this report when we create the Complex Service
      Procurement PO. It shows only the PO Lines and not the Payitems. But the
      XSL-FO template (PO_STANDARD_XSLFO.xsl) format does show the Pay item

      So we are trying to convert the output of the RTF file in an XML format and later on convert the same to an XSL format after modifications. But
      the output of this is not similar to the standard XSL-FO format.

      Hence we need the XML/RTF output of the XSL-FO format so that we can modify / add things

      ### Steps to Reproduce ###
      1. Go to XML Publisher
      2. Select Application : Purchasing
      3. Search for Report with type "XSL-FO"
      4. Click on the Standard Purchase Order Stylesheet
      5. You will see the XSL file "PO_STANDARD_XSLFO.xsl"
      6. Click on Preview
      7. It shows certain details which contains the structure of Payitem as well based on the Document style we use
      while creating the PO

      8. Now go to Tempalte search Page
      9. Search for template "PO Template Definition"
      10. Click on the Template and you will see the file "Purchase_Order_1.rtf"
      11. Click on Preview.
      12. It shows different format which client likes it but it doesn't have the Pay item structure.

      13. Hence we are planning to update the XSL-FO format teamplate so that the output
      of this will matches the output of RTF template output along with Pay item