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    Invoke proxy FTP on callback

      Hi All,
      I have use case where I have to invoke FTP proxy on event. Here is scenario:
      <ul><li>     One http proxy invokes external workflow engine asynchronously and pass callback URL</li>
      <li>Workflow creates result as zip file and place it on private FTP site</li>
      <li>Workflow invokes callback and pass file path
      <li>Callback is implemented as http proxy, and it should do some task and at the and invoke FTP proxy</li>
      <li>FTP proxy has its own logic and moves files to user acceptable FTP site.</li>
      I cannot use standard ftp monitoring since file is placed on FTP site before workflow is finished. I was pretty sure that it is possible with proper combination of FTP proxy parameters and ftp headers in routing node. However I couldn't make it work.
      I tried disabling FTP proxy and setting fileName header before routing to it.

      Any help and suggestions are welcomed.

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          As you've probably found out, this is not how OSB works. It doesn't really care about the file-names as much as the data in them. In other words, you cannot use (out of the box) OSB to receive a file-name and then simply move it around. Use a Java-callout to do that.

          You can, however, easily call FTP midway through a flow. Simply invoke the FTP business service, and the data you pass will end up in a file on the FTP destination site.

          In your case, you may consider simply using the file adapter. Put the file into a destination directory with the data you received. Have cron pick up the file, compress and send it to the destination site.

          OSB doesn't do ZIP (if somebody knows otherwise I would be happy to learn), so you can use a file-adapter to write our the full data file uncompressed, a simply have external tools take over (external to OSB).