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    Thingmagic Mercury4

      I am reinstalling a Thingmagic Mercury4 RFID reader. I have lost the manual, IP address, userID and password.
      So, I am trying to either get a manual or find the default IP address, userID and password.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you,
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          send me an email at james_wisecup at tds.net and i can send you the pdf.
          or try below...

          use safe mode:

          Using Safe Mode
          There are two reasons to enter Safe Mode:
          To perform a firmware update to repair a corrupted filesystem.
          To change settings that are preventing the reader from operating normally.
          Both of these tasks can be performed via the web interface.
          Use the recessed Safe Mode button on the reader connector panel to recover from errors
          which prevent the reader from operating in normal mode. In Safe Mode the reader is configured
          with a static IP address of Safe mode uses the following network settings:
          IP Address:
          Hostname: Mercury(4) or (5)
          Although the browser-based interface pages are displayed in red when operating in safe mode,
          the reader is still functional, although it cannot read or write tags. In most cases, the reader will
          need to be reconfigured for operation with the reader application after starting in Safe Mode.
          To manually reboot into Safe Mode use the following procedure:
          1. With the reader running (green LED is pulsing), use a non-conductive object to hold
          down the recessed reset button for 4 seconds.
          2. Release the button.
          3. The green LED should turn solid as soon as the button is released, indicating the
          reader is rebooting. It should take approximately 30 seconds to boot into Safe Mode.
          The green LED stays solid in safe mode.
          4. Once the maintenance has been performed, restart the reader to activate the changes.
          The web server, telnet server and SSH (Secure Shell) server run in Safe Mode, however
          none of the RFID features are activated. To communicate with the reader in Safe Mode,
          a PC must have an IP address and subnet mask that are compatible with the reader
          settings, for example:
          IP address: