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    Linked excel file problem - Help needed

      I have 2 excel files in the same directory in Content Services. The "destination" file has a link in one of its cells to a cell in the "source" file. I want to be able to open the "destination" file and update the data if any changes have been made to the "source" file.

      My problem is when I try to do this i get an error that says "This workbook contains one or more links that cannot be updated" and two options.
      1) To change the source of links, or attempt to update values again, click Edit Links.
      2) To open the workbook as is, click Continue.

      If I click Edit Links I am then presented with a screen where I can open the "source" file. When I try to do this though I am given a login screen. Supplying a valid Content Services username and password doesn't work and I cannot open the file.

      Can anyone tell me how I can open the "destination" file without having to open every "source" file? I don't want to open the "source" files because there could be dozens of "source" files for one "destination" file.