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    Oracle 10g Express Edition for DBA practice


      I want to download the Oracle Express Edition 10g for my database administration which I want to practice at home.I have a windows vista x64 with me which i recently purchased.i am getting a little confused about the edition available in the Oracle -->Downloads site.Is the express edition which is available only for development or can I use it for my database admin purpose too.

      Since am new to this field ,I will be grateful if I can get some pointers to what edition of Oracle 10g should i download and from where.I am a DBA and need some practice at home.

      Thanks in Advance,

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          Supported Windows Versions

          One of the following 32-bit Windows operating systems:

          * Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 or later
          * Windows Server 2003
          * Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 or later

          Oracle Database 10g XE is not certified for windows vista 64-bit.

          Although you can see only a few Windows versions supported, you can still try and run DB XE on other versions as well as far as you don't look up to Oracle to resolve your issues. But Oracle Database 10g XE can not be installed on 64-bit windows, thats for sure.

          So, if you are done with choosing your platform, you are left with only one option i.e HYPERVISORS.

          So you'll have to first use any HYPERVISOR and create a Virtual Machine and then install a Guest 32-bit windows ( or Linux if you prefer) and then run Oracle DB on it.
          One of the most famous vendors in business for the purpose is VMWare. But there are other options available as well including open source/free.

          For downloading the software you can get to the following link and download Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Universal)

          For getting your questions answered about restriction on use ( or technical facts about limitations ), refer
          [Oracle Database 10g XE FAQ|http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/database/xe/pdf/dbxe_faq.pdf]