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    Location of javacore and heapdump files

      Is there a way to configure the location of javacore and heapdump files? We have several environments and these files get written in different locations in each environment.

      OS: AIX/Linux
      CS ver: D6SP1
      WL ver: 9.2


      Vinayan Menon
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          Supposedly "IBM_JAVACOREDIR" and "IBM_HEAPDUMPDIR" are environment variables checked on AIX to control this. It should be an absolute path. I've had unclear results using this. I think I saw it partially working, but partially not.
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            My application generates report. but when the count of reports are more then it throws out of memory error and big chunk of headdump file with extension .phd is generated. I think because of .phd file generation its throwing out of memory error.

            Could you please suggest how can i stop generating this big chunk of .phd file to avoid out of memory error.

            a quick reply would definitely be appriated.
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              Sorry, your logic is backwards. The out of memory error causes the generation of the heapdump file. You'll have to look elsewhere for the cause of your out of memory error. It sounds like you think it happens when generating reports. You'll have to examine how that happens to see if you can modify the process to be more memory-efficient.