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    11i Rapid Clone Not Certified With 10g/11g RAC???

      Metalink document 230672.1, "Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with Rapid Clone" was updated Feb. 2009 with the following:

      February 04, 2009
      - Added 11i/10g/11g RAC clarification on Section 4 Steps 6 and 7.
      - Corrected incorrect format statements.

      The clarification?

      Attention: The following steps apply only for 9i RAC Clusters. Rapid Clone is not certified for Cloning 11i with 10g or 11g RAC Systems at this time.

      10g RAC support for EBS has existed for quite a while, what's up with this? I'm in the middle of upgrading my 11i EBS on 9i RAC environments to 10gR2 RAC.

      Anyone cloning 11i with 10g/11g RAC? How are you doing it?