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    How to upload Inventory Items

      We are working on oracle apps 11i. There is a new requirement to add hundreds of items to the system.
      Is there any way or scipt that help us to upload these items specially that there are already quantities on hand for most of these items in the main warehause subinventory.
      In other words, how can we upload the items and their opening balance as well?
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          Cuauhtemoc Amox
          There are open interfaces and/or api's, have a look at irep

          On the actual steps, you have also to consult with functional or somebody with knowledge of the setup to determine/configure templates for items. Also, be aware of the use of lots and serials. For on hand quantity you usually create receiving material transactions, setup may be needed for the accounts to use. Maybe costing information will be also needed.
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            Make proper format of items in excel file and use dataloader . This will reduce your work .
            You may also use record and play depending upon your requirement.
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              I need help..

              The accounting issues of a new inventory organization for WIP items are not quite clear.
              How can i replace the profit and loss accounts Sales and Cost of Goods Sold wth Capital Stock and WIP accounts respectively?
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                The profit and loss accounts of an inventory organization have no effect as we are not implementing Order Mangement and actual sales transactions are not made through Oracle Applications.
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                  Thank for your answer.

                  Can you provide me with more advice please . I need guidance in uploading the categories , items and the items opening balances as well.

                  Inventory Items categories are implemented in my company as a 7 segments flexfield

                  1. Group-Independent value set
                  2. Sub-Group - dependent on Group
                  3. Sub-Sub-Group-depending on Group
                  4. Others - independent
                  5. Stock Type- independent
                  6. Future Use1-independent
                  7. Future Use2-Independent
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                    You have sample macro:
                    http://dataload.net/downloads/spreadsheets/index.html ( INVENTORY )

                    If you want create own macro you have to create item, category etc. you should map your steps in application in dataloader using DataLoad Commands.

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                      An alternative to using Dataloader is to use the Oracle Open Interfaces described here:


                      Chapter 7 describes the Transaction Open Interface, Item Open Interface, and Category Interface. The interfaces are a little more technical to use than Dataloader but, in my opinion, much faster once you get the hang of it.