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    CEP with inbound JMS Adapter

      Problem: The inbound adapter is not triggered at all.

      I have an EPN with an inbound JMS adapter listening to a JMS Queue hosted in my 11g Jdev SOA Suite. The queue is populated from a SOA composite. I can see the messages in the queue and my CEP application is deployed succesfully, but my JMS Adapter doesn't get any.

      Here's the relevant section from EPN xml file:
      {color:#3366ff}<bean id="OrderConverter" class="agb.foc.order.OrderMessageConverter"/>

      <wlevs:adapter id="OrderIn" provider="jms-inbound">
      <wlevs:instance-property name="converterBean" ref="OrderConverter"/>
      Here's my jms-adapter xml file:

      And the queue details from the weblogic admin console:

      {color:#3366ff}Name: AgbTestQueue
      Type: Queue
      JNDI Name: agb/jms/TestQueue{color}

      Note: I'm using CEP 10gR3 with Eclipse IDE and 11g Jdeveloper SOA suite internal release which comes after TP4.

      Thanks in advance

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          If I send the messages via a standalone java client, CEP is accepting them.

          The difference I see in both the messages is
          {color:#c0c0c0}SOA messages arrive in the queue with JMSXDeliveryCount property set to 1, while standalone client messages arrive in the queue with JMSXDeliveryCount set to 0.
          Why does the messages from SOA composite arrive with JMSXDeliveryCount set to 1? Why does that prevent CEP from receiving them?{color}

          EDIT Again: The messages look identical from the admin console. The JMSXDeliveryCount goes up because the delivery to CEP fails and it could be a red herring.

          If I export the messages from SOA Composite to a file and import them back, CEP picks them up.


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