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    Scripted Removal of Users


      Has anyone done scripted removal of users in OCS? Today we first remove the user in our AD, then we remove the calendar data, then the mail store and finally we remove the user from OID. The whole process takes quite a while, and we're thinking about automating it through scripting.

      As the different commands for removing calendar, mail etc would be running on different hosts, I'm thinking about using an expect based solution that logs in to respective host and issues the necessary commands.

      Has anyone done anything similar in the past?

      Ideas & suggestions much appreciated.

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          Are you runnig windows or a unix / linux ? If it's unix, just use any remote shell commands like ssh to access your different servers.

          Furthermore, if your provisioning policies are correct, you should get most of the work done in removing the user from the directory : user account will be automatically deprovisionned, you'll just have a few tings to do.

          As for us, we don't use 100% automated deprovisioning for archiving purpose, the process we use is the following :
          - backup if needed user data
          - remove email account with oesucr
          - clean_user_mailstore_data
          - delete calendar account with uniuser
          - RTC account deteltion with delete_user.pl - ldapdelete

          We cannot provide you with our script for copyright reasons, but following such a process in a script is pretty straightforward