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    pl/sql callbacks

      Has anyone ever had the plsql callback testproc work for them???

      I'm on

      I run
      exec edg_utl.add_rule(rulename => 'MyRule', condition => ':event.type = 200', param => 'edg_utl.testProc',command => 'call')

      I added an insert in the testProc to insert into my testtable. That way I don't have to worry about the log level stuff.
      I never, ever, get any rows to insert into that testtable. That leads me to believe that the testProc never gets called.

      I even restart the whole machine. Nothin'.

      I've read the README in j2ee\home\applications\edge\edge\sample\StreamsSample
      I've ran:

      So, again, if you have successfully made this work, please do let me know some other actions I can try.