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    Left Outer Join in JPQL

      Hi !

      I am using Toplink 11g und try to persist temporal entities. The associations between the temporal entities cannot be mapped, because the associations depends on the timestamp at loading. So i have to load the association manually by JPQL. Here is an example:

      SELECT DISTINCT entity , t1
      Partner entity, Address t1
      entity.pocAdresseInvoiceID = t1.id AND
      t1.versionActiveFlag = 1 AND
      t1.validFrom <= current_date AND
      t1.validTo >= current_date AND
      entity.matchode = 'P1'

      As you can see the implicit join between Partner and Address is an inner join. Does anybody know how to join the entities with a left outer join? Perhaps there are some hints in toplink or eclipselink?

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