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    PHP with JDE World A9.1

      Has anybody done any development using PHP interfacing directly to JD Edwards World software (A9.1)? We would like to do some projects along this strategy, but were not sure how one gets around the JD Edwards internals (like DD, Soft Coding, Menus etc.) Any info would be appreciated. thanks

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          john dickey, mccarthy
          Whew. This is one that I think you want to contact World Support on. If nothing else, submit an enhancement request to be able to work with JDE World using PHP. The World support folks are really looking hard for enhancement suggestions. This is something that other customers may have an interest in as well. The more customers you can get behind you, the more likely something will be done. If a member of Quest, you can submit enhancement requests there and get other users to vote on the enhancment request as to where they rank it, then it would get sent on to Oracle.

          John Dickey
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            Stay tuned. Sounds like a solid World-specific JDBC driver would solve the problem you describe?
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              Little late on the response.... The JDE World A9.1 JDBC driver was released last summer. It can be downloaded from the Update Center.