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    TSAM 10g R3 Queries

      One of my customer, ST Microelectronics,is using Tuxedo 8.1 and are evaluating both TSAM 1.1 and TSAM 10g R3 (recently released).

      I would really appreciate if you can help me with following questions.

      1) Does TSAM 10gR3 comes contain Diagnostic Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager.
      3) Does TSAM 10g R3 support Tuxedo server 8.1 and client 6.c.x?
      3) How can we capture Client to Client execution time (elapsed time for each logic step) in TSAM 1.1?
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          Hi User775735,

          I'm very surprised that this question has been posted here!

          I got the same yesterday by the SR channel. Do you think that we are doing the same work, for the same guy in two parrallel ways?

          We noticed that this same customer opened twice a SR about another topic in the recent past. My colleague and I worked on the same question.

          I think that we need to educate this customer if it is still the case here.

          Thanks in advance for this clarification.

          Best regards.

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            Todd Little-Oracle

            TSAM 10gR3 is nearly identical to TSAM 1.1. It was rebranded, licensing checks removed, and now can be access from EM. But the integration with EM and various EM packs is not yet available. Also TSAM 10gR3 does not include any additional licences or packs over the TSAM 1.1 release.

            TSAM 10gR3 can support the TSAM 1.1 agent, so it can monitor Tuxedo 8.1 systems. I'm not sure what you mean by client 6.c.x?

            Can you define client to client execution times? You can get execution times of each service invoked and by filtering on the specific client's correlation ID, you can determine the inter-call time from the client if that's what you mean. If you could perhaps explain in a little more detail what you want to see, I can hopefully be more specific.

            Todd Little
            Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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              Where can we find TSAM 1.1 Manager/Agent for download. Have searched but have not come up with anything. it will be greatly appreciated if someone can point me to it. I am using Tuxedo 8.1 and trying to evaluate TSAM. It seems to me that only Oracle 10gR3 is available for download at Oracle Downloads site, which is not compatible with Tuxedo 8.1. Please clarify.
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                Todd Little-Oracle

                I believe you will need to contact Oracle Global Customer Support to get older kits that aren't available either on OTN or E-Delivery.

                Todd Little
                Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect