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    Where to set Time To Perform?

    Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle

      I am setting "Time To Perform=1440" in my 3A4 Collaboration but still my 3A4 Request is getting expired after 2 Hours. In this case, the Ack. is coming instantly.

      I think the "Time To Perform" field is not taking effect at all.

      I want that

      1. a request should expire after 2 Hours, if it's in wait ack status for that much time and
      2. a request should expire after 1 day if the corresponding Response(3A4 Confirmation) doesn't come in 1 day time (1440 mins).

      Can you please suggest the required configuration change for this?

      Anuj Dwivedi
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          Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
          Thanks a lot.

          I found it out. It is in operational capability.

          Thanks & Regards,
          Anuj Dwivedi
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            Kavitha Pai
            Hi Anuj/B2B team,

            Is there any default in Oracle B2B for Rosettnet Time To Perform and Time to Acknowledge? If we dont give any values for these parameters, does B2B default it to something? If so, what are these values?

            I have some further questions regarding the 3A4 colloboration:

            When the 3A4R (Request) goes out of B2B to the Trading Partner and if i set the TIme To Perform as 1440 (mins) in the 3A4 collaboration, what will happen if the 3A4C (Confirmation) comes into B2B say after 1440 mins? Does this messages come into Oracle B2B and can we track this explicitly or is it that B2B does not allow this 3A4C into B2B. Also, what can i expect to see in the Trading Partner's end when they send the 3A4C after say 1440 mins.

            We require this urgently to discuss with our Trading Partner as we are seeing some issues around this.

            Can you please respond asap?

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              Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
              Hi Kavitha,

              The default value of Time To Acknowledge is 120 minutes. As far as Time To Perform is concerned, i think (I am not sure) by default it is also set to 120 minutes in Oracle B2B 10g (RosettaNet PIP specification does not mention a default value for this parameter).


              You may check RosettaNet PIP specification for more details on these parameters.