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    Oracle 11g Listener Supports No services

      I have installed Oracle 11g in Linux (Centos). i created a starter database using dbca. I also created a listener.ora using netca.

      I have observed that that the listener.ora was only generated like this after running netca:
      LISTENER =
          (DESCRIPTION =
            (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST =proky.warnerbro.com)(PORT = 1521))
      Now when i start this listener, I get a message: "The listener supports no services".

      I have read on some forums that something like this should be included:
        (SID_LIST =
          (SID_DESC =
            (SID_NAME = $$###$)
            (PROGRAM = extproc)
          (SID_DESC =
            (GLOBAL_DBNAME = orcl)
            (ORACLE_HOME = $ORACLE_HOME)
            (SID_NAME = orcl)
      So, my question is, do dba's edit this manually or there should be a tool or wizard that would generate this text in listener.ora.

      thanks in advance,