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    Setups needed to implement iProcurement when we had Purchasing installed

      I would like to know the basic setups/profiles needed to be activated/implemented to use iProcurement out of box. We have purchasing installed and we are using it for many years. Now client wants to implement iProcurement. Are there any preliminary setups to be done using purchasing or iProcurement responsibilities or Oracle Self-service web applications. Please share any or every information you know about it.

      Thanks in advance

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          Niels LM.

          firstly I would suggest you take a look at the Procurement Implementation Manual for guidelines. It is also important wich version of E-business Suite you are on since R12 is fundamentally different than 11i10 with respect to especially the catalog management.

          But at a high level you need to look at the following topics:

          User/responsibility setups. Decide whether you are going to use all available functions e.g. desktop receiving, non catalog requests, punchout and services procurement.
          Catalog setup/loads/structures/security. Are you going to use both internal items and bulkloaded content. How are you getting the content?
          Is Automatic Document Creation already in place or should it be implemented.
          Do you need to adjust the approval setup in case additional users are to use the system.
          Do you need to look at account generation due to new aspects of procurement e.g. expense purchases.

          /Niels LM