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    Error While import the MDL of Snapshot

      Hi All,

      While trying to import the MDL of Snapshot.

      I have taken full Snapshot of Project.

      Error occurred importing from file "C:\Documents and Settings\na42048\Desktop\demo_scd.mdl".

           Client Version
           Repository Vesion

      Database Version Enterprise Edition

      Os- XP
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          Hi Nawneet ,

          I have import snapshot successfully, please make sure below points

          1. make sure all connected users, should be disconnect the owb. if any user connect the owb you will face below error

          MDL1325: Metadata Loader export/import for a snapshot cannot be executed while other user(s) are accessing the OWB repository.

          2. Object name cannot be restored from snapshot , because another identically named object with in same namespace context already exists.

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            I have the same problem. It appears when I am trying to import mdl with snapshot.
            Does enybodny knows how to get read of this error?