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    SOA 11g suite- Configuration issues

      I'm trying to setup SOA Suite 11g TP4 within JDeveloper 11g in my Windows machine. I was following the instructions given at <<http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/ias/bpel/techpreview/soa11g_installation_tp4.pdf>>.

      I have created the SOA db schema and the environment variables as needed. I'm using Oracle XE database. The SOA configuration runs fine for a while after which it starts throwing the following errors and finally ends with "Configuration of SOA Infrastructure FAILED". The startsoa.log has the following errors -

      application : sdpmessagingserver is in failed state
      SEVERE: Application.setConfig Application: sdpmessagingserver is in failed state as initialization failed.
      java.lang.InstantiationException: Error initializing ejb-modules: compilation error occurred
      Caused by: com.evermind.compiler.CompilationException: compilation error occurred

      Can someone please help me with this ?

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