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    Numeric format

      In my company there is FDM and HFM instalations, if I change de number configurations in HFM (european formats) i have problems to load data from FDM. have got anybody the same problem?
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          if you change something in HFM, you should probably change FDM to match.

          Please explain the details of your issue for better understanding.
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            my datafile(txt) have spanish format, comma by decimals separator, in FDM the comma is choosen by point, by scripting, and sent to hfm. If in HFM i use the american format I haven´t problems, by if i chance my user to spanish format , i can see web forms correctly but when i load data from datafile(txt) using FDM the comma in datafile is misunderstood.
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              On the Amount Expression field for the Import Format....Place this code into it...."Fill=EuroToUS" and it will flip the settings automatically. Likewise if you are taking a file that uses commas where the US uses the decimal and the period as the separate for the thousands then use "Fill=EuroToUS".

              Check the Admin guide for further info.