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    Is Subinventory Transfer Possible after Picking?

      We're currently preparing a Conference Room Pilot (CRP) 2 for an important client, a big Fast Moving Consumer Goods company. The client wants to use its Shipping Trucks as Subinventories under WMS-enabled Warehouses/Inventory Organisations. Goods are considered unsold and are still in Inventory when they are in Trucks. Goods are considered sold only when they are delivered by the salesmen/driver. The latter will issue an invoice through a mobile handheld during delivery.

      There are picking locators in the warehouse, and when sales orders are received, they are picked from the warehouse and then loaded into the lorry. According to Oracle WMS, if we use the Line Flow Generic workflow in Order Mgt, move orders will be automatically created (pick wave move orders) and these can only be transacted using Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications and WMS picking rules. Now, we know that when picking is done in WMS, the goods go to the default staging subinventory and then these are shipped to Trucks and considered sold (ship confirm). However considering the above issue, can we bypass the staging subinventory, and move it directly to Trucks (which are diff. sub inventories) and then from there shipping is done to client?
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          For one customer we tried to avoid using staging at all. Customer didn't have staging step.

          So we made an experiment - new trigger on MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP was created. Trigger (in picking scenarios) replaced To_Subinventory and To_Locator.
          Finally this trigger was not used (we found another way). Also I can't confirm You that it's correct modification of OeBS. It's on Your risk.

          I think this can be used in Your situation.

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