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    Invoke BPEL from ADF

      I need to send notifications (to be accessed via Worklist) on specific user actions on an ADF page. I'm planning to make use of BPEL Human Taskflow for this.

      Is there a standard approach to trigger a BPEL process from an ADF page. I know that there are 3 ways to do this -

      1) Webservices data control
      2) Custom java class using SOAP
      3) Business events on EOs

      My questions are -

      1) Is there a standard approach followed in fusion apps ?
      2) Any known drawbacks in the any of the above approaches ?
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          I understand from this link http://aseng-wiki.us.oracle.com/asengwiki/display/ASDevFabric /Patterns+for+Fusion+Applications+v1.0#PatternsforFusionApplicationsv1.0-Alternatepaths that the "Business Events" approach is the recommended one.

          Can someone confirm if this is the standard for Fusion apps development ?
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            The methods you describe are fine but as far as best practices, this may be a better question for fusion apps.