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    Error while adding items to Shopping cart in requisition creation


      I am facing a strange issue in 11.5.10 for iProcurement. While creating a requisition through "Non-Catalog-Request", I am not able to add items to the cart. It shows me an error page and is a null-pointer exception. I investigated this issue and found out that there is a location in the employee form. The application does not throw any error when a valid location is supplied. But i got to know that users should be able to create requisitions without any error. This happens to be true in 11.5.8 version of iProcurement where i saw no value entered for location.

      I am not sure of the set ups required in this case. I found few articles in metalink but implementing those did not give me a solution for this.

      Kindly advice, if there is some set up to be done.