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    Procurement some questions-taxes and matching


      We are implementing Purchasing. The requirement is basic implementation of Purchasing without inventory.
      We will be using match to PO 2-way matching.

      1. Is the receiving function necessary for 2 way matching of PO's
      2. Can I use receiving for goods and not use receiving for services/expenses PO
      3. Based upon answer in 1 am i right in the below statement
      I raise a PO for a server on 22 Feb 09. The invoice/physical goods are recd on 5th March 09.
      If i do not use receiving function I will not be able to create accruals.
      4. Case 2 PO raised for 2000USD. Invoice recd for 2130 USD the 130 USD is tax. How do I match this to PO. We have not setup taxes in AP