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    WebDB and Appache

      I have WebDB 2.2 on RH 6.0 with 8i8.1.6, Apache 1.3

      I can access Apache from my windoze clients but can't get any of the Webdb admin pages or webdb itself. This works from my clients http://localhost/apache.htm

      The error i'm getting in the apache log file is Exec format error: exec of /home/httpd/cgi-bin/wdbcgiw failed.

      I can access webdb from the server with the webdb listener at port 2000 so WebDB is working ok.

      Any ideas?
        • 1. WebDB and Appache
          Oh yes ! :)

          Had the same problem, solved it. The solution is to use your network IP address, not your domain name for example instead of whatever.pacbell.net.
          You will probably have to reinstall your webdb.

          Please tell me, how did you integrated webdb into apache ?