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    [Tuxedo 9.1 - SALT 2.0] Web service Endpoint address

      I'm working on SALT 2.0 feature with Tuxedo 9.1.

      I have to expose one Tuxedo service as a web service.
      I followed the online documentation and this works fine.

      I just have one problem concerning the Web service exposition address (Endpoint). In my wsdf config file, I have the following AccessingPoints node :

      <Endpoint id="GWWS_STAR_HTTP" address="http://servername:65002/STAR" />

      Once the TMMETADA and GWWS configured, I started Tuxedo with the tmboot command and I made a test with a classical web browser thanks to get the wsdl.
      I first tried with http://servername:65002/STAR/wsdl? but I got an error.
      I made a test with http://servername:65002/wsdl? and I got a successful answer.

      Is anyone can explain to me how to expose the service with the following URL : http://servername:65002/STAR (as defined in the wsdf file) ?
      Is there another configuration to place in the SALTDEPLOY file ?

      Thanks in advance.

      With my best regards,

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          Hi Sebastien,

          The config of "<Endpoint id="GWWS_STAR_HTTP" address="http://servername:65002/STAR" />" specifies the SOAP address in WSDL, for example ,

          <wsdl:port binding="tns:simpapp_Binding" name="simpapp_GWWS1_HTTPPort">
          <soap11:address location=""http://servername:65002/STAR"/>

          You can not use web browser to access this address because it requires SOAP request message. The address http://servername:65002/wsdl is to retrieve the WSDL of your web service. The WSDL can be used to program or test for your exposed web services.

          If you want to test the web services directly, I would suggest you trying soapUI (http://www.soapui.org/) which is a very useful SOAP test utility. The most important is it is free:-). The steps sounds like,
          1. New a project
          Supply your WSDL address, such as http://servername:65002/wsdl to the "Initial WSDL..." box.
          2. Following the wizard steps you can create testsuite
          3. In the TestSuite, you can edit the SOAP request body directly and get the reply from GWWS.

          Hope some help.