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    FYI Notifications From AME

      Does anyone know if the Approvals Management (AME) functionality for OLM allows the use of FYI notifications?

      I can change the configuration variable 'Allow For Your Information Notifications' via the Approvals Management Administrator, and I can set a category on the rule which sets it to FYI instead of approver. But, when I do a transaction which invokes the AME rule (e.g. enrolment), I get an error which states something about 'parallelization' being a probllem.

      I have seen various notes on MetaLink which contradict each other. Some imply it should work, and others that it is an outstanding enhancement request.

      Has anyone got an information on this?


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          This is a problem with AME and OLM. It is described in Metalink article 338508.1.

          The synopsis of the article is:

          AME in 11.5.10 and above provides 3 major enhancements: -

          - Generalized subordinate item class
          - Parallel approvers
          - Support for HR position approver types

          To take advantage of these features the product teams that integrate with
          AME should make use of new APIs in 11.5.10 e.g., AME_API2 and AME_API3.

          If the product team is using pre-11.5.10 API, ie, AME_API and any of the
          11.5.10 feature is set ON in customer instance, then behaviour would be not
          predictable. Hence, starting from AME.A rollup (4433707), AME has introduced
          a check in AME_API (see bug #4403150)that will identify such setup and throw
          the following error: -

          "Oracle Approvals Management has found parallelization configuration whereas
          the context in which AME invoked using ame_api does not support parallelization."

          It would appear that the OLM product team has not 'taken advantage' of these facilities yet.

          Perhaps Anders can comment further?


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            Anders Northeved-Oracle
            This is not something we have prioritized until now, as we have not had any customers interested in this yet. If this is something you, or anybody else, would be interested in, please file an ER and we will have a look at it.