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    Party Manager Exception: ContactId Returned is NULL

      Hi All,

      With the hope that some one will start giving responses in this forum also I am again posting one more query.

      I have to customize the Registartion page. For that I have to customize the service registration web service.For that i have

      --> Generated Web service from Siebel with required modifications.
      --> Regenrated the proxy using above wsdl. And complied the new proxy java classes
      --> Extracted the commoncomp-ws-proxies.jar jar file and replaced the class file under oracle.apps.ss.base.model.um.proxies.register with new class files.

      Now when self service is calling the self service registration web service, it is throwing the error" Party Manager Exception: ContactId Returned is NULL". After checking the log file, i found "SEVERE: Exception Caught unexpected null value for literal data".

      I dont know how to solve this error. Please if some one know how to solve this, just give some input.