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    Check Funds - PO

      Hi All,

      Below is my scenario.

      Budgetary control enabled at Ledger. Budget entered for Purchase orders(Obligation) & Invoices.
      Amount 1000$
      Account 5678.

      a) Create a PO1 for 500$. Charge acc - 1234. Budget Account - 5678.

      b) Click on check funds. Funds check is successful and Shows available amount for budget is 500$ (1000$ - 500$)

      c) Receive & Deliver the PO. Run Transfer Journal Entries to GL.

      d) Make sure Encumbrance entries are posted in GL.

      Now go to inquiry screen and check for Encumbrance type Obligation. This is correct. Shows that
      Bugdet - 1000
      Obligation - 500.

      e) Create an invoice for 200$ with Distribution account as 5678. validate and Account the invoice. Post it in GL.

      f) Create a new PO2 for 700$. Budget acc - 5678.
      Click on Check funds. The Funds check is again successful and shows the Available funds as 100$ (1000$ - 700$ - 200$(invoice))
      Where as the expectation is that it should have failed.(PO1 created for 500$ is not getting reflected.)

      Am i missing something here. Check funds seems to check against "Actuals" rather than "Encumbrance".
      Is this the intended functionality.


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