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    Default Org for a PO line


      In Oracle Apps 11i, we have 2 Inventory Organizations that are pointing to the same location. How can I setup a deault org in the Shipment Distribution line of a PO line ?
      Another issue please...
      Once saving a PO line the default Org in the Shipment line cannot be changed. The Org field is greyed out. how can i change that..

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          I have updated the two inventory organizations in order to point to two different locations yesterday as it is more appropriate.

          the other problem was how to update the Org after saving the line. and I found out that I can't. It's an Oracle functionality

          I quote “Note that you cannot update the organization once you have saved your work if the shipment has distributions”.

          You can find it in the URL: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/A60725_05/html/comnls/us/po/tpoship.htm

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