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    FRM-30187: Size of CHAR column in record group must be between 1 and 2000


      My enviroment is Oracle Designer and database

      The problem is:

      I have created unbound (char) item on LOV.
      Item type is sql expression.
      When I generate form with sql expression code: *'RN-'|| DECODE (oznaka_oj, 'M', 'M-', '')|| krn_id|| LPAD (rbr, 4, '0')* designer raises error mentioned in subject. When I open generated fmb in forms and look in column specification in record group, length of unbound item is 4000.
      But when I remove LPAD from sql expression: *'RN-'|| DECODE (oznaka_oj, 'M', 'M-', '')|| krn_id|| rbr* form generates without any error with length of unbound item of 216.

      What do I do wrong?
      Is there anybody out there who can help me?