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    error while installing FDQM

      hi folks,

      I am installing fdqm and when mapping fdqm with hfm,i am getting error saying like "machine profile machine(server name) is missing"

      guide me regarding this...

      bharath kumar
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          John A Booth
          Suggest you review the fdm_config.pdf document which you should be able to find in the documentation available at: http://www.oracle.com/technology/documentation/epm.html

          After you register and import the appropriate FDM adaptor you open that up and right click on Machine Profiles and add a machine profile. There are source/target machines. The source machine will be your FDM machine and the target machine will be the machine (or cluster) which contains product you are integrating FDM with.

          There are quite a few other configuration settings such as setting the application name and ensuring the dimensions are setup properly too.


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            thanks for ur help in resolving the error.