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    Min Max Planning data uploading

      Dear All

      I have task to upload about more than 4000 items in form form Min Max Planning.

      I just wanted to ask that if i upload the data directly from excel into its table.

      Is it going to make any harm.

      Its main table name is MTL_ITEM_SUBINVENTORIES

      Requirement is urgnent there for waiting for your reply desperetely.

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          Niels LM.
          Hi Majid,

          Never update data in a table directly ... you could run into support issues with Oracle. Unless you use a public api or interface. Or be 100% that you have validated your data properly before loading i.e. Item codes, are they assigned to the relevant INV org that the subinventory belongs to etc. etc.

          For your particular issue you could use a form loader tool such a dataload.net. It is available as a freeware version (classic) that supports loading from spreadsheet to an open form or a professional version where you use a prerecording and 'background' load for more dataintensive requirements. It is still emulating datamanipulation as if it is done through a form.

          Using a loader will ensure that your data is validated properly.

          /Niels LM