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    Enter Requisition Form Query - Help Needed

      Hi Forum,

      I have a requirement to modify the lov for the Category field in the Enter Requisition form and add a new field.
      The item is in the block :LINES.ITEM_CATEGORY.

      So, I ftp'd the form and libraries onto my local drive which is in the FORMS60_PATH. When I open the form, it opens without any error. But it does not attach any libraries in it ?

      Anyway, I looked at the form item and its a Text Item with a Lov 'ENABLE_LIST_LAMP' and a record Group with the same name. But this is a dummy record group.

      Where is the Actual Query for this Record Group built ? I assume it is in some library, but how do i find which library ?

      I cannot see anything in the WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE or any other trigger having the query.

      The Category is a KFF actually.


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