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    DFF Personalization : Custom.pll / context values to the DFF

      Hi All,

      I have a business requirement to customize a DFF (order entry header) in such a way that the value set referenced by the DFF will be derived based on the user responsibility.
      i.e: For responsibility <Customer West> , the DFF should display <Item Type West values>
      For responsibility <Customer East>, the DFF should display <Item Type East values>.
      Note: Both <Item Type East and West values> are stored in the same value set.

      Since the ATTRIBUTEn field is not on any canvas within the order entry form, personalization appears not to be an option (Oracle Bug 6964879).
      Does anyone have an idea on another technical solution ? Can it be done through custom.pll or using a context value ?

      Ref : I am on Oracle Applications and Forms server

      Thanks for any idea.