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    Passing Input parameters to BPEl Process


      The requirement is to link OBIEE report and a BPEl Process.By clcking on the link in OBIEE report , the BPEl process should be executed which accepts the input parameters at run time from the user along with the input parameters being passed from OBIEE report.I am stuck with how to pass the parameters from OBIEE report to BPEL process.I'm using OBI V and developed the BPEL process using Oracle JDeveloper.Could someone help me in resolving this?

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          hi vid

          the bpel process talks in language of web services ie partener links , i guess there must be some way of creating web service of obi and then you can make the two talk, also you can have reverse approach by generating axis client of BPEL webservice and using this client jar in your other obiee whatever....

          hope this helps....