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    expdp and impdp  doubt

      hello frnds ,

      I have a expdp dumpfile of a schema from linux ES4 server ,oracle 10 g

      can I use above server dumpfile and impdp in solaris 10 ,oracle 10 g database ..is it possible ?

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          Sure. Dump files are inherently cross-platform.

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            Thanks !

            is there any parameter to check or validate the expdp dump file ,before importing I want to validate the dumpfile .
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              exp/imp, expdp/impdp are the only tools that we can use to load data cross platform.

              After the specific export, transfer the dump file (scp, ftp..)to the server where you want to import and peform the import.


              It has a tricky concept, in this you need to have the same datapump directory on both the server's databases.

              i.e. DATA_PUMP_DIR on serverA(LINUX)

              then you should create this directory and catalog it in the database on the other server as well.

              Hope it is helpful, let me know if you have any queries
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                Thanks for your reply ,

                yes I have Data_PUMP_DIR in both the database servers ,but the directory names or different

                in linux directory name is DATA_PUMP_DIR from expdp dumpfile is available , I have copied this file to the location of solris server where directory name is different like pump_dir ...

                so can I impdp on this solaris server ?
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                  yes you can
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                    What do you mean by "validate the dump file"?

                    There is normally no need to validate anything. If you try to import a dump file that has been somehow damaged, the import will fail (ideally immediately because the header isn't right). Other than the occasional problem where someone FTP's a dump file in ASCII mode rather than binary mode, though, there aren't a lot of things that cause a dump file to be invalid unless you're worried that the media that the dump file is being stored on has been corrupted.

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                      how can I validate the expdp dumpfile ..because when I impdp I got this error :

                      ORA-39002: invalid operation
                      ORA-31694: master table "LAW"."SYS_IMPORT_FULL_01" failed to load/unload
                      ORA-02354: error in exporting/importing data
                      ORA-02368: file is not valid for this load operation

                      actually my source linus server is at remote place so I went there and took expdp of a schema and copied the dumpfile in a USB flash memory device,

                      when I impdp the above dump file I got the above errors....
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                        Can you post the exact expdp and impdp commands you are using?

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                          It seems that you haven't copied the dump into the datapump directory, before performing the import, copy the dump into the directory and then try and yes, it would be better to provide the expdp and impdp commands/par files
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                            this is my impdp parameters:

                            impdp system/pwd DUMPfile=dpumr1.dmp directory=DATA_PUMP_DIR REMAP_SCHEMA=sales:sales,acct:acct

                            and expdp parameters

                            expdp system/pwd dumpfile=dpumr1.dmp directory=DATA_PUMP_DIR sedemas=sales,acct

                            and is there no parameter to check wheather the dumpfile is valid or not.....

                            bcoz I think while copying dumpfile, might be it corrupted ,
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                              Reffer to metalink note 735625.1
                              dump file is corrupted somehow. Maybe copy command between hosts failed, maybe something else.
                              Try once more to expdp and then impdp.
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                                The dump file is almost certainly not corrupted.

                                Are you sure that you've copied the file to the DATA_PUMP_DIR on the destination system before starting the import process?

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                                  I can run again expdp ,but I cannot bring the dumpfile to my location as source server is at remote location and the size of the dumpfile is in GB's ......

                                  is there any keyword in impdp to check the whethear dumpfile is valid or not ...

                                  bcoz when I told to my manager that the dumpfile is corrupted and I have to visit the remote location again and bring the new dump file , he is saying first you validate the available dumpfile is really corrupted or not ,

                                  and there is another strong reason for us to check the expd dump files are in valid state or not , bcoz we use to take everyday exp of our schemas and now we want to know whether that dumpfiles are valid or not in case in future if we need to import the schema ..

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                                    A corrupted dump file would almost certainly generate a different error message. Either the import utility will blow up when it encountered an invalid header or it will abort in the middle of the import when corruption is found. The error message you're receiving does not indicate that your dump file is corrupt.

                                    There is no way to validate a dump file short of trying to import it.

                                    I hope that you are doing a daily export as a supplement to a proper backup not as a replacement for a physical backup. If you're not doing a physical backup, you really want to do so-- export is no replacement for taking a proper backup.

                                    I'm confused about where the dump file resides now. Have you placed the dump file in the DUMP_FILE_DIR on the destination server? Or are you stating that you cannot put the dump file on the destination server at all? Or something else?

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