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    Problem with Content Based Routing in Oracle Interconnect 10g

      I have the following problem.

      I am using Oracle Interconnect 10g. The Content Based Routing option doesn´t work.
      I am sending a message with an AQ adapter to the HUB queue and then it has to be picked up by an FTP adapter, but the message ends in the hub queue.

      The message contains a field with a value that has been defined in Content Based Routing in iStudio.
      The AQ adapter post it without errors into the hub queue. The consumer name of the hub queue contains the name of the FTP adapter.
      In the logging of this adapter you cannot find anything of trying picking up this message.

      All the settings in iStudio as well at the server seem to be correct.
      I have 2 comments. The consumer name in the hub queue is normally without double quotes, but in this case it has double quotes. These quotes are coming from the definition of the Content Based Routing in iStudio. The other comment is that in the configuration of an FTP adapter you cannot define a consumer name.

      Thanks for your help

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          Hi Jurgen,

          I believe that you have solved your issue as you posted you message long time ago.
          I'm just updating this thread for future reference, as I have encountered the same problem and ended with the same analysis.

          As a workaround, after creating a new Content Based Routing rule, I correct the rule directly in the repository:
          UPDATE ichub.cbr
          SET    destination = rtrim(ltrim(destination,'"'),'"')

          There is maybe a patch to correct iStudio or to correct the Agent that reads these rules... else, in order to make it easy, creating a trigger on ichub.cbr table to remove these extract double quotes will be a good workaround.