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    LU6.2 on OpenVMS Itanium platform

      We have been using OMQ since it was PAMS. In September 2008 we replaced our OpenVMS VAXCluster running BEAMessageQ V5.0 with an OpenVMS Itanium. Boy were we shocked when we found out that the MessageQ LU6.2 communications wasn't ready for the Itanium platform even though the documentation said it was available. I was poking around on Oracle web site earlier and it mentions LU6.2 for MessageQ but I can't find any details. Is the LU6.2 ready for the Itanium platform (and I mean the LU6.2 as it was on the OpenVMS VAX platform)? If not, when will it be ready? Right now in production, we are running our application on the Itanium but have to send the IBM Mainframe transactions through MessagaeQ LU6.2 on the VAX. I would really like to eliminate that step of complexity.