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    is there a way to integrate instant messaging in a .net application ?


      we have developed a client server application in a .net/oracle DB environment. I'd like to integrate instant messaging (IM) functions in this application.
      Some examples of what do i mean with 'integration':
      - i'd like to log on IM environment automatically when i log on the client/server application
      - in the client /server application we have users and groups tables wich define user grants on application functions; i'd like to have in the IM environment a 'room' for each group defined (suppose user A is included in group g1 and user2 is included in group g2 ang g1; as user1 logs on the system a 'room' will be available; as user2 logs on the system he will see two distinct rooms g1 and g2
      - i'd like to include (show) IM window(s) in my application as other standard forms and close it as i log off the main application

      Is there any application availablein the oracle offer? i' ve read about Oracle messenger (replaced by onother application) but i don't find detailed info about product, function and licensing/prerequisites.

      Could you pls help me ?

      thanks in advance