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    "File does not exist or access denied"

    rajneesh sharma

      I am new to FDM. I am trying to import a .csv file in FDM using Import Format Builder. When i select the file in the Inbox folder of my application, it gives me the message "Error: File does not exist or access denied".

      Any ideas why this error is coming. I have been struggling with this error for some time now.

      Thanks in advance
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          John A Booth
          Run inetmgr and verify the FDM application pool has an identity set which has full permissions to the data directory for your FDM application. If your web server is separate from your application server this will need to be a file share and the user will need full permissions to that share.

          Good luck,


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            rajneesh sharma
            web server and application server are on one machine. I have installed both FDM and HFM on one single machine. I also tried to see the properties of HyperionFDM virtual folder. Everything looks to be ok there.

            Can you let me know specfically what i should look in properties of HyperionFDM virtual folder in inetmgr.

            Thanks again
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              I do not think it has anything to do with the configured ID for the AppPool and would not suggest tinkering around in it, as it can damage the application significantly.

              Some concerns that I have are the following:
              1. When you get the error, do you get a 'white' fish?
              2. What does your UserError Log state? Clear it and reproduce the issue and post the results.
              3. What does the Import Log state? (Import button on the View File tab of the Import Fish)

              Thank you.
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                I also found this problem. Is there any solution to fix?
                I found that I can read the file if the source file is under Inbox. However, I cannot read the file if the file is under the location folder.

                Please help.
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                  I also get same error.

                  Answers for you questions:

                  1. No, where are no white fish. Where are red cross.
                  2. In Log (Tools->View Error Log) no error.
                  3. In Log (View Log button on View Options tab on Import Fish) no error.

                  In IIS log also no error.

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                    Please check the application path in your workbench settings.

                    Change it from 'local drive:\applicn name' to ' \\servername\local drive $\applicn name'. ex '\\abcd\G$\Hyperion\FDMApp' instead of 'G:\Hyperion\FDMApp'
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                      We had the same error and we solved it by changing the folders.

                      In our case, we had an application called BCD and we had the inbox forlder under this folder... "C:\Hyperion\FDM\Applications\BCD_FDQM\BCD_FDQM". For some reason it could not read the file. We changed the folder to "C:\Hyperion\FDM\Applications\BCD_FDQM" by deleting the last BCD_FDQM folder and everything works fine.

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                        What is the application path currently set to for the application?

                        If you choose <Add Application> from the login page and highlight the application in question and click "Modify" you will see the application path listed. What is the path?

                        This error message typically indicates that you are using a nested folder structure and is causing the "Select File from Inbox" process to fail.

                        What is the name of the application and the application path?