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    Import Formats

      I created a new import format today and am hoping you can help me!

      In the documentation it mentions that when using the Import Format Builder process that you can ference more than one field and that they will concatenate. For my Account field, I need to reference three fields (separated by semi colons as all the fields are). I have included the three fields in my maploader template concatenated with no spaces however once the map is imported into FDM it only shows the first account.

      Is it possible to add a deliminator between the three fields while using the import format builder process?

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.
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          You will need multiple lines for the same field name. Here's an example

          Field Name Field Expression
          Entity 2
          Entity 1 -
          Entity 3

          My file comes in like with 4000;5000 as fields 2 and 3

          My result in Entity is 4000-5000