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    Unattended install problems: Primavera P6

      I am having problems with my Primavera P6 install. I am
      using a setup.iss file to automate the install however the
      setup.log file shows an error indicating that my setup.iss
      file is wrong. Has anyone else run into this error? thanks.
        • 1. Unattended install problems: Primavera P6
          We just ran Primavera unattended installations and had
          a lot of problems, both with the scripted
          uninstallation of the previous version (you can't
          upgrade in an unattended installation) and the proper
          execution of the installer once launched. However, our
          setup.iss file didn't seem to be the culprit.<br
          Can you post what error you are
          getting and whether you are upgrading and from what

          One thing you should
          be aware of if you're upgrading is that your existing
          DB connections on the workstations will NOT work
          unless created in the P6 version. P6 apparently uses a
          different encryption algorithm or parameters and
          existing connections won't work unless overwritten.
          This is a HUGE problem if you have multiple
          connections to test environments as we do. Creates a
          manual upgrade nightmare.
          />Primavera, are you listening?
          • 2. Unattended install problems: Primavera P6
            How did you create your setup.iss? I have been
            struggling with this and cannot create a response
            file. I have used setup.exe /f1"c:\setup.iss" and
            -f"c:\setup.iss" and neither produce a file. Can
            anyone post what I am missing here?
            • 3. Unattended install problems: Primavera P6
              Well I have egg on my face now - I was using the wrong
              command line - it is setup.exe /r