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    XER File Transfer

      If you are sent an XER file that has a different
      sequencial number how can you update an existing project

      IE: My project is saved as K000-1
      and the contractor has sent me an updated version but it
      is saved as K000-4. When you import the file it does not
      give you the dropdown option of "update existing". <br
      />Manually changing the file name does not solve the

      Any information appreciated.
        • 1. XER File Transfer
          Do you have K000-1 open before you try the xer

          If you have K000-1 open
          and try to import a schedule with a different project
          number you should still get the drop down list to
          either "add into", "create new", ignore, replace, or
          update. After selecting the appropriate function you
          will then need to click on the elipsis under the
          "import to" column to tell it what schedule to update.
          • 2. XER File Transfer

            This previos poster was
            correct. Make sure you have the project open. You will
            then be able to select update existing and choose the
            project you would like to update.
            />Have a great day,